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If your environment doesn’t meet this assumption, I recommend upgrading to 2003 SP1 first.

A domain that has SP1 applied, will also have the necessary domain partitions that are required to complete the R2 schema update.

#demandglobalchange // https:// Updating from 2003 to 2003 R2 & implementing Exchange are 2 common administrative tasks which both require a schema update.

Since I’ve mentioned "updating from 2003 to 2003 R2", I’ll take the opportunity to add some "notes from the field" to this blog post, which will increase success rate of the update and limit the risk of the schema update itself.

As we all know that database schemas is open to updates and changes as app becomes more large, i cant really find any help on updating schemas for my application.

Coming from Relational database background, Its easy to add column to an existing table, but as for mongodb, i really cant figure out what to do.

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You will get a message showing the options that are still active on the DC.Double-click Configuration Container, and then double-click CN=Configuration, DC=forest_root_domain (where forest_root_domain is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your forest root domain.) Double-click CN=Forest Updates. On the Attributes tab, Select a property to view, select object Version. Feel free to reboot the DC and see if it still works fine.Right-click CN=Windows2003Update, and then click Properties. If you are confident that the update was successful, you can enable replication again : Enable AD replication : to test replication, and you can go to each DC, open and verify the Revision and object Version attribute values as shown in the procedure above.But in larger implementations, where privileges are limited and schema updates are assigned to a happy few only, you’ll have to do it differently.Basically, you’ll need to use the same procedure as explained above, but instead of running the adprep from R2, you’ll have to run the setup /forestprep from the Exchange CD-Rom, in the domain that hosts the DC which has the schema owner FMSO role.

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