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If your login is different on the Windows server, you can use the ls . D 0 Sun Jan 27 2013 acl82express-linux-x86.bz2 A 44960643 Sun Jan 27 2013 alien_8.87gz A 64336 Sun Jan 27 2013 crossover-12.1.0-1.i386A 47233108 Sun Jan 27 2013 [...] 59997 blocks of size 1048576. To resolve this problem, put your user name and password in a text file that you identify using the mount option provides a nice balance between having to specify a user name and password each time you mount a file system and not exposing that information to everyone who has access to your system.32474 blocks available smb: \Software\Linux\ get softmaker-office-2012-674.x86_64getting file \Software\Linux\softmaker-office-2012-674.x86_64\ of size 147058656 as softmaker-office-2012-674.x86_64\ (16345.5 Kilo Bytes/sec) (average 16345.5 Kilo Bytes/sec) smb: \Software\Linux\ application is fine if you need only occasional access to one or more files in a Windows share and don't care about using a file manager such as Gigolo, GNOME Nautilus, KDE Dolphin, Konqueror, or Thunar to graphically browse a Windows share. If you only want to occasionally mount a share, you could add the option to the list of mount options shown in the examples in the previous section.The packages are fairly popular but have not been updated in a while and require substantial configuration to make them work properly.(See Related topics for links to these projects.) Most people think of text files as a standard type of file that is the same on every computer system and can therefore be safely used for configuration files, quick notes that you can read on any operating system, and so on. Although the same character sets are used for text files on Windows and Linux systems, the characters used to identify the end of a line of text differ.Converting line endings starting from now on does not solve the problem with older revisions :-/You're not working with CRLF files here, at least not in the example you posted.That's an old-style mac file (just uses \r for EOL).Although a Samba server provides an excellent mechanism for making Linux resources available from Windows systems and enabling Linux systems to print to Windows printers, installing and configuring a Samba server is overkill if all you are interested in is occasionally retrieving files from a Windows share. The following is an equivalent /etc/fstab file entry to the previous This command would appear as a single line in your /etc/fstab file and is broken across lines in this example for formatting purposes.

You may also need to use hardware with your Linux system that is only actively supported on a Windows platforms.

To set the setting for only one project, omit the " option.

This is what I would prefer, because I see Windows as an exception in it's line ending characters and Windows fixes it's own issue this way.

I suspect that Adobe Flash adds CRLF even though I'm using the Mac version.

I need to compare against older revisions of these files.

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