Tamra dating eddie housewifes most intimidating song ever

“I went up to Eddie and asked him if he’s (bleeping) my wife. “I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed — the ultimate betrayal by a pal and my estranged wife.

According to Simon, Tamra has now began dating a close friend of his, in what he calls the “ultimate betrayal.”Radar Online is reporting that the Real Housewives of Orange County star has began dating Eddie Judge (pictured above with her), and according to Simon, he had to find out about this by seeing them together.“Soon Tamra started coming over to have lunch with Eddie and then they pretty much started dating. Judge was admitted to the CA State Bar in 1985, which would make his present age around 60-years-old.When she met my brother she was still married,” Shalimar concluded. As Kelly would say, this would story is ‘weird, just weird.’ Also, keep in mind that Eddie’s sister, Shalimar Torres, either does not speak English or doesn’t speak English well or probably used a translator…Simon tells Radar this was so difficult for him that he actually dropped to his knees.It all started when Simon visited the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

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