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As for her, she's about 5'6" tall, 165#, brown hair, and gorgeous captivating green eyes. Nobody is allowed to fuck her ass but me, and I reserve that for special occasions. She rarely wears a bra, as she prefers to let them hang freely with easy access for me, but she's easily a DD.Also, because she needs to work her way up to using a rather large buttplug to prepare herself to take me. Nice heavy handfuls with extremely sensitive nipples.Actually, on our first date, I made her cum just by playing with her nipples on the way back to her place.Her pussy is usually trimmed very close, but she'll shave it clean and smooth when we play with other people, or if she's exceptionally horny after I'm coming back home after a while away.

When she's ovulating, she'll just prefer to ride my thick cock until I'm about to cum, and then she'll suck me off until I shoot my load down her throat. We recently found out she had an older sister, Jessie, an "oops" from 35ish years ago by her dad. My name is Eric Baker, and I'm from a small town in the northern Midwest.I met my wife Maggie when I was in the Army, several years ago.Well, it didn't take long until Jessie was venting to me about her husband's lack of sexual interest in her, and I was "drunkenly" sharing a little more than I normally should with family, particularly our open relationship and habits of full-swap swinging, and BDSM lifestyle.After logging off one night and subsequently going down on Maggie, licking her pussy and sucking hard on her sensitive clit, I was mumbling about how hot it would be to make her watch me fucking her sister while she's cuffed to a chair naked.

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