Or, you're Catholic and married someone Jewish, who was fine raising your future children under both religious roofs.Now, he has decided that he DOES want you to convert and raise the kids in his faith (but that's not OK with you).The addictions range from alcohol to sex to work to opioids.Addictions hijack a partner's brain, and can become one's top priority.And in today's connected world, it's not just physical affairs that happen, but also emotional affairs.There are also countless affairs I hear about that occur because of social media.After 20 years of marriage, 53 percent of marriages have been disrupted.each couple comes together and relates to each other that defines whether the relationship will thrive or end.


Psychotherapist Esther Perel is the host of the popular Audible podcast "Where Should We Begin?

One person wants to shop at TJ Maxx, the other, at Bergdorf Goodman.

Another money-related issue with the rise of successful women is that they are out-earning their spouses in increasing numbers.

If you feel like you may be on a slippery slope towards divorce, but feel that there is hope to keep it alive, seek out individual and couples' counseling.

It could save your marriage, and maybe even bring it to a better-than-ever level.

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