Scorpio and capricorn dating

You are sharp, a quick thinker, and good at solving puzzles.

Those are just a few of your many amazing qualities.

It is probably the fact that Capricorn emits a very serious, determined and dependable vibe.

Scorpio tends to follow their intuition and gut-instincts, while Capricorn is more objective and rational when it comes to decision-making.

Luckily, both approaches complement each other, and these two work very well in business, just as they do in love.

With time, Scorpio can learn to appreciate this difference between them, for Capricorn keeps them grounded, centered and balanced.

Scorpio can help teach Capricorn to connect to life around them on a deeper, purer, and more emotional level than they are used to — with Scorpio’s help, Capricorn learns to open up theirheart.

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