Outlook internet calendar not updating

I'm configuring Team Calendars and sharing the calendars with outlook (one-way/from-internet option), however the calendars do not appear to be syncing very often.I've checked the calendar settings and see no refresh interval, and checked the ICS file which is created, and don't see a published-ttl or anything obvious which seems to indicate when Outlook should sync.Your Google calendar can be easily connected with a single click. Your and Office 365 calendars can be easily connected with a single click.Just go to Manage Account and open the Calendars section. Just go to Manage Account and open the Calendars section.Click the button ' Office 365 / Outlook.com' and log in using your account information.Then select ‘Yes’ in the pop-up window to give Doodle access to your calendar.

You have three different calendars you can sync in Podio: What's being exported?Note: If you are exporting both a workspace calendar and your personal Podio calendar to the same calendar in Google, then you will see duplicate entries for any overlapping events.View an external calendar in Podio When you first set up your calendar integration, your Podio events will be displayed within your external calendar, but not the other way around.If you'd like to also see your external calendars within Podio, you can enable this from your Podio calendar.Click the wrench icon in the upper right when viewing your Podio calendar, then look for the External Calendars section at the bottom.

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