Leonard lauder dating

She’s faced such disdain for nearly two decades now — starting with her two-year marriage to the financier, whom she asked The Post not to name because he shuns publicity.

Now 43 and happily married to her second husband, Charles Nicolai, a successful chiropractor with a practice on Wall Street, the former Elite Model Management pinup claims she is often dismissed as a parasite cashing in on her looks.

“These women are the full package,” says elite Manhattan matchmaker Richard Easton, explaining that the male clients on his books increasingly ask him to set them up with intelligent, confident women with established careers of their own.

“Men are visual, so the women are always beautiful, but it’s beauty inside and out — they need brains, a good education and a career.” Julie Lin, 34, and married to an investment banker, calls herself a “Trophy Wife 2.0.” She is glad to stay in the wings while her power-broker husband takes center stage.

“I am definitely alone a lot of the time because my husband works such long hours,” she says. But I know he is doing it for me, too, and we’re getting towards a mutual goal.” Another consideration is looking the part.

“I’m Asian, and actually a size 8, so the haters [on Lin’s blog] will say things like: ‘Who do you think you are? You’re not blond and skinny,’ but I love my body and work incredibly hard to keep in shape,” says Lin.

“We spent a long weekend this summer in the Hamptons at the home of one of the senior partners.

“I took a step back and thought: ‘What’s so wrong with that?

’ My husband says it’s associated with a lot of negative connotations — the Anna Nicole Smith thing — but I don’t think so when I think of modern trophy wives like Linda E.

At 37, Georgina Chapman is 24 years younger than uber-wealthy movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, whom she wed in 2007.

The British-born beauty has made her own mark in business as co-founder of the highly successful Marchesa fashion line.

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