Herpes sex dating

Aside from the overwhelming feeling of tiredness and sense of shame, I lost my sense of purpose, and thus, my drive. Four days a week at work quickly turned into three, two, and suddenly, none.

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While statistics and academia stand as fact, I find that it is one’s personal story that sheds the most light on the realities of the disease and begin to deconstruct stigmas.Late nights of research and communication over forums and blogs deepened my curiosity about the virus.The World Health Organization estimates that more than two-thirds of the world under the age of 50 are infected with HSV-1*, and more than half a billion people under 50 have either HSV-1 or HSV-2**, and yet the stigma remains.I began my graduate education in social work and human sexuality that I originally sought in summer of 2015.Perhaps most important, though, are the goals that I did not have before my diagnosis.

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