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The only other mention of race in the entire movie comes from an offhand joke between Diana and Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) secretary, Etta (Lucy Davis).

But for the few Black women and other women of color in the film, this luxury of humanization was never extended to its fullest potential, leaving them paling in comparison to the complete, complex characterizations of Diana and other white characters.

marks a significant milestone for representation of women onscreen.

Premiering more than 75 years after the character’s creation, the film has been eagerly anticipated for decades, not only because Wonder Woman is one of the most recognizable superheroes and an integral part of the DC Comics legacy, but because a female superhero leading her own film is a long time coming—and invaluable to an industry that all too often shuns women.

But like many other films about feminist themes— In the film, the only Black women depicted are a handful of Amazons on Themyscira, the hidden island where Diana and her people live in peace without men.

The first Black woman we’re introduced to is Diana’s caretaker, a representation which hits the Mammy trope on the head.

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