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Yes, putting pedophilic creeps in elected office is bad, but so is getting shellacked in November and handing the gavel to Nancy Pelosi—or whoever might succeed her—in January. There's a time and place, the logic goes, to consider the propriety of sending a child molester to the Senate. Moore's record makes cajoling single-issue zealots into a relatively easy task, too.

The man had earned the support of the religious right well before these allegations ever came to light—for opining that homosexual conduct should be illegal, and for his well-established extremist views on abortion, and for refusing to comply with a court order requiring him to remove a Ten Commandments monument from his courtroom, and for resigning his judicial office instead of giving effect to the U. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, and so on and so forth.

I don't want to lean too heavily on stereotypes about the Deep South, but it seems unlikely that many of those who will vote for Moore on Tuesday would do the same if their sons, not their daughters, had been victimized by a lecherous district attorney several decades ago.

Here, the unyielding absolutism that accompanies homophobia and intolerance magnifies the consequences of casual misogyny.

Alabama hasn't elected a Democratic senator since 1990, when Howell Heflin—whose policy agenda would be much more comfortable in the Republican Party were he to come along in 2017—won what would be his final term. Byrd and George Wallace—a pair of third-party candidates who ran on their virulent opposition to school integration after the Supreme Court's decision in Today, all of the major elected officials in the state's executive branch are Republicans, and the GOP enjoys comfortable supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature, too.

Since 1960, the state's electoral votes have gone to the Republican presidential nominee all but three times. Nearly half of adults identify as evangelical voters, and Donald Trump won a greater percentage of the electorate in 2016 than Mitt Romney did four years earlier.

The election is a "spiritual battle," he urges, and the stories about him in the press are attempts to "silence our message." that President Obama might not be a U. And as the Project Veritas idiots have ably demonstrated, for Fox News conspiracy theorists, Moore is the latest victim of political correctness gone awry, tarred and feathered by a clumsy left-wing social justice warrior attack aimed at discrediting the #MAGA movement. But they all appeal to emotions that are so powerful and so personal that voters who hold those beliefs can't fathom a world in which they'd cast their ballot for anyone else.A permission structure, as defined in a helpful Reuters report at the time, is something that pushes “the proper buttons that need to be pushed” so that people buy something "they otherwise would shun." Roy Moore deserves to be shunned.But he is nonetheless mounting a comeback thanks to an emerging permission structure that will allow Alabamians—maybe enough of them—to check the box next to his name without feeling guilty enough to do anything different.A man who predates on young women might be seen as approaching the outer limits of acceptable conduct, but there are people who can find it within themselves to forgive him for going there.One who predates on young men, though, would have ventured too far beyond them to come back.

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