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Bearing in mind the person you are meeting is basing their entire opinion of you on your three posed pictures and your ability to reply relatively quickly, it is important to make a good impression.

Whilst considering the three new “S’s”, it should also be considered that if the dating location of choice does not warrant a ‘Good Shirt, Good Shoes or Good Smell’, is it even worth going?

'People only focus on what I did then because we're going out now,' she says. But I was also complimentary about Ben and Antony, two of the other contestants.

Besides, I knew Lee had a girlfriend at the time and that made him out of bounds. I wouldn't be able to deal with the guilt.' But, as the show ran its course, so too did Denise and Lee's respective relationships: she split up with actor James Lance, with whom she'd had a short romance, and he parted company with Kerry Stammers, his girlfriend of three years. Although they've been together for ten months, they've struggled to find time to see each other.

In fact, anything with ‘body spray’ in the name, which comes out of an aerosol can, is not what you should use as your “good smell”. Anything with in the name is going to be a far better choice.

Of course, there are plenty of aftershaves which don’t appeal to everyone but you stand a far better chance of a second date if you don’t smell like a teenager who has run around for an hour and has to cover-up their sweatiness with , although you should have a few at your disposal.

Here is the best advice you will ever get; anything is not the smell that will get a second date. changing room in Year 9, but it certainly is not now.

There are now three more “S’s” which need to be considered: Good Shirt, Good Shoes and Good Smell.

This is where the dating winner is decided from the dating loser.

Are these not incontrovertible signs of a long-term future being mapped out? A less self-assured young man might have baulked at making the first move: Denise, an actress and TV presenter, is the established star. It's no big deal." We'd hung out a little bit socially and we'd been chatting as friends on the phone.

Financially independent, famously quick-witted and - perhaps most enviably - voted bikini body of 2007 by readers of Grazia magazine, she is seven years his senior. I was in the musical Rent in the West End and Lee was in Joseph.

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