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And that’s how a lot of the Leftist media’s trying to portray women like us, and being anti-feminist — Elora: Yes, they are. And hopefully we’re showing them that that is — stop using that because it’s…

Lokteff: — that we’re just serving our husbands, and that our husbands can’t do anything for themselves and they don’t help for themselves. I think the fastest way — talking about dating — the fastest way to kill sex drive in a relationship is if your man is, if you’re just picking up after him and you’re the maid, you know?

Bre Faucheux describes herself as an alt-right author, and uses her blog to rail against “white genocide” and the “replacement of whites in their own countries.” Elora also goes by the name “Blonde Buttermaker” and calls herself a “You Tuber, homemaker, artist, mother, and contributor to Red Ice.” And Rebecca, also known as “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast,” describes herself as a conservative millennial who lives in “the liberal, fascist hellscape of Seattle” and speaks out against “globalism, feminism, Islam & government corruption.” In other words, it’s basically if it were hosted by Eva Braun and her sewing circle. There are, after all, “lots of white babies out there that need love, as far as adoption.” Elora agreed. Everyone wants to adopt babies from overseas, but what about taking care of our own? “So, there’s lots of white babies out there that need affection in the adoption system.” Lokteff: Yeah. But unfortunately that’s not the times that we live in. We’re kind of — our back is up against the wall, so we’re forced to kinda step up in different ways where I think a lot of our mothers maybe should’ve, our grandparents maybe should’ve. Lokteff: So we have a lot of slack to make up for, for our children and I feel it’s our duty to do these things. You also have to fight for them and teach them to think right, show them the propaganda. Elora: Yeah, it’s our duty to correct what went wrong in the future generation. Faucheux: And also it prepares them for the harshness of this anti-white culture we’re going through right now, and it teaches them how to defend themselves. But definitely try to give your children an education that’s free of cultural Marxism, I think is a big feature that you should be idolizing.

Lana asked her guests what they would advise a 30-year-old woman to do if she “hasn’t met Mr. I mean I wish we lived in a world where we had our ideal European society and we were just focusing on high culture, and progressing in ways that were actually important, and making beautiful art and beautiful architecture, and another Renaissance. Lokteff: Yeah ’cause generally wasn’t it always women — thinking back of Pagan societies and whatnot — it was women that were in charge of educating the children, right? Elora: I think also the ideal woman would also be connected to nature.

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It’s not just the old, traditional where the woman cooks every single meal and the guy never helps and he doesn’t know how to do anything.

“I spent endless mind-numbing hours at meetings of the [conspiracy theorist group] Keep Talking, listening to speakers deny climate change, debate whether 9/11 was a false flag attack or if an ill-defined ‘they’ sold birth certificates on the stock market.

Trestle tables at the edge of the hall were adorned with Holocaust denial books.” The label “alt-right” was first adopted by white supremacist Richard Spencer, but was brought to mainstream attention by individuals with a larger social media presence such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.

Other references, including to the fictional nation of “Kekistan”, whose green, white and black banner deliberately mimics a German Nazi war flag, have been adopted as part of a strategy to troll their opponents and publicise their cause.

Report co-author, Dr Joe Mulhall of Hope Not Hate, said: “Despite its roots stretching back decades, the Alternative Right remains much misunderstood.

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